On occasion I have an opportunity to share my thoughts / ideas / work with others at conferences.  Each time I present, it is an opportunity to reflect on past experiences and synthesize new knowledge.  What follow are links to resources I have put together related to the presentation I have given.

Visual Design

Description: This was a presentation on the importance of the "Aesthetic Wrapper".  What is that?  The Aesthetic wrapper is how your content is presented. It is all the visuals a person uses to make their content look good.  The research is pretty overwhelming for how important it is for something to look attractive if your objective is for the reviewer to value its content.


25 - n - 50

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Description: 25 in 50 was an attempt to run through 25 different valuable mobile apps in 50 minutes.  It made for a pretty 35 minutes session.  Yes that wasn't a typo.  As is often the case at conferences, the conference planning committee cut everyone's 50 minutes session to 35 minutes.  It was a whirl-wind. 


Leading Learning

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Description: One of the schools I have had the opportunity to work with, decided to push out an eportfolio initiative to over 6,000 students.  This presentation focused on why they chose to use eportfolios and how they were going to attack their eportfolio implementation.

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