I was Born in St. Louis, MO and raised in the suburbs next to 500 acres of wooded freedom. In High School, I started my first company auto detailing cars. In college, I started a second company painting and refinishing housing exteriors. After graduating from college with a bachelors degree in educational studies, I narrowly escaped a career path with a large corporation and strategically earned a position with a firm that was almost a start up. It was at this firm, now Foliotek, previously called LANIT Consulting, that I was enabled to use my entrepreneurial drive, my educational experience, and my passion for educational reform, to find a niche where I can focus on changing education and helping individuals grow.   

Currently I hold the position of Foliotek's Director of Product Development. In this position I have the responsibility of making sure the company is properly tooled to strategically move into the future. This web portfolio is a collection of material I have accumulated through my professional and personal experiences. The act of cataloging these experiences allows me to see my growth over time and relate varying activities to the primary competencies that shape my core character. I have discovered that the reflective process of choosing and categorizing experiences is essential to the self-actualization of strengths and weaknesses. All of which contribute to defining me as a whole. 

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