I am passionate about leading development, design, and marketing teams to build new and grow established products. This passion is rooted in my desire to create, my ability to communicate, and my drive to lead. In addition to these three competencies, my focus is always on the big picture, i.e., vision. This equips me to share my vision that in turn builds passion in the teams which I am privileged to serve.

Competency Summary

What follows is a listing of the four competencies that define my character.  With each listed competency, it is accompanied by a description detailing how I have chosen to define that competency.   

Rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, expecting a greater reward.

The process of having original ideas that have value.

The ability to deliver and understand information clearly through verbal and non-verbal interactions.

Have a contagious passion to see the big picture that infects those around you.
Having outlined the competencies that guide my actions, this portfolio is meant to provide examples of those competencies as they have manifested in my life.

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