Work History

Below is a summary of my work history.  For each environment I have worked in, I have gained valuable experience that has shaped my character and contributed to revealing my natural competencies.  The listing below is a summary of primary activities I was engaged in with each employer.

Foliotek Inc.

Product Director:  2009 - present
The Director of Product Development is responsible for working closely with the leadership team to develop and passionately cast the company vision.  With a strong understanding of the company vision, it is the responsibility of the Product Director to work with the Director of Software Engineering to lead development teams in creatively solving problems and implementing solutions that lead the company to ongoing success.  This is done through effective communication and leadership

Responsibilities Include
  • Review and assist in designing overall product enhancements aimed at improving and simplifying the product.
  • Oversee the development and execution of user experience testing to analyze the accuracy of conceptual designs for new product prototypes.
  • Manage product requirements to balance quality and quantity and minimize product defects.
  • Work with cross functional team to develop differentiating business plans for a variety of products
  • Oversee business relationships with multiple billion dollar partners.

Web Application Project Manager: 2003 – 2008
The Web Application Project Manager is responsible for an intimate understanding of a customers needs, working with teams to creatively convert those needs into software solutions, and managing the completion of the task responsible for meeting those needs. This job entails casting a vision for the overall project plan, leading teams to meet deadlines, assisting in creative problem solving, and communicating with a wide variety of personality types.

Responsibilities Included
  • Communicated with clients to determine their recommended product requirements and then converted product requirements into proposals that outlined dis-aggregated costs and product time lines.
  • Produced varying samples of user interfaces for clients and executed a functional walk through for how proposed products would operate.
  • Worked with web application development teams to define acceptable timelines for delivering products to the clients.
  • Oversaw final deployment of applications to clients and analyzed future requests for change orders and defect resolutions

State Farm Insurance Companies

I.T. Technology Specialist:  2001 - 2003
The Information Technology Specialist communicates with internal clients to define application requirements, disseminate those requests to team members, and assist teams in the development of those requirements. This position requires a high level of communication and technical knowledge to understand the clients requests and translate those to the development team. Leading the development teams requires agile communication and well timed outlines of deliverable features. 

Responsibilities Included
  • Developed custom software solutions for internal clients using Microsoft .NET Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, SQL Server, and IIS.
  • Project lead for all communications between internal clients and development team to determine requests for defining application features.

Education Development Specialist:  1999 – 2001
The Education Development Specialist creates course material to lead classes that teach participants how to more efficiently and effectively execute their job responsibilities. This is done through the ability to communicate in front of large audiences leading them to a thorough understanding of new information. In addition to course instruction, the Education Development Specialist worked with internal clients to solve various time intensive tasks by using standard software to create solutions.  Accomplishing these projects required effective communication skills, creative problem solving, and strong understanding of available technologies.

Responsibilities Included
  • Developed custom solutions for internal clients using various types of technology. Projects ranged in scope from MS Excel pivot tables and MS Access databases to Web based HTML forms.
  • Created and taught technology courses to employees on how to use systems provided by the company to the employees for varying job requirements


Commercial Property Manager:  1998 - 1999
The responsibilities of the Commercial Property Manager centered around effective communication between building ownership and tenants.  

Responsibilities Included
  • Managed relationships between builders and tenants to ensure space was completed on time and in accordance with tenant’s plans.
  • Oversaw, budgeted and managed building maintenance and sub-contractor work related to building upkeep.
  • Proactively communicated with tenants regularly to discuss property concerns to prevent potential problems between building owners and tenants